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How Organic Farming Can Increase Your Profit !

Organic farming is an agricultural system based on naturally derived, ecologically safe fertilizers, pest control methods, involving the local community. It also does not  use any form of genetically modified organisms. 

Studies over the years by both governmental and private institutions have consistently shown that organic farming is indeed profitable. It was also the conclusion reached in a paper published in 2009 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

It was found that, in the developed countries, lower input costs and higher prices, made organic farming more profitable. While, in the developing countries, it was the greater yields and higher prices that yielded profits. Production costs, yields and profitability are the key factors.sp

Cost of Production -The cost of production in organic farming is 60 to 70 percent lower, but fixed costs could be higher, depending upon the region. With the cost of fossil fuel increasing with a corresponding increase in the cost of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc, organic farming with its significantly lower dependence on such products, is becoming an increasingly viable, profitable choice. It should be noted that the cost of labour in organic farming, may be higher, as it is more labour intensive.

Yields -Organic farming generally has lower yields than conventional methods, but this is compensated for by the higher quality of the products. The U.N. study also found that organic yields are much higher during less favourable or poorer conditions than conventional methods, making them favourable with smaller farmers.

Profitability-Organic farms, because of the higher prices their products receive, and the much lower costs of production can lead to profitability. The study advises not to rely on prices but to diversify into a variety of product lines. Cost and profitability is not just financial. It is also the social, health and environmental costs that intensive commercial farming incurs, but organic does not.

The U.N. study concluded that with the right kind of support, both from governments and non-governmental agencies, organic farming can indeed become profitable and competitive.

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