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For The Love Of Mango Season !

Nothing beats the wonderful rush of flavour that runs down your chin and sometimes even your elbows when you bite into a fresh, juicy mango. The tropical fruit comes in a variety of sizes, flavours, and colours, including deep purple and brilliant yellow. Mangoes are native to India and ripen to give luscious peach flavours, buttery tartness, and sour, fibrous bits that can be used in smoothies, cocktails, ice cream, and other meals. Mangoes are nearly therapeutic to eat because they are juicy, pulpy, refreshing, and flavorful in various forms. There are no other options. Mangoes are delicious in every form, whether raw or ripe, sweet or savoury.

Why must we eat Mangoes?

Regardless of the mango kind you purchase, these fruits have numerous health benefits. It's a drupe that comes in a variety of colours and flavours, and each bite is rich with nutrients like vitamin C, A, and B for boosting immunity, enhancing vision, and lowering the risk of some malignancies.

Antioxidants such as mangiferin, catechins, anthocyanins, quercetin, kaempferol, rhamnetin, and benzoic acid, to mention a few, are abundant in mangoes and protect the body from free radical damage.

Fortunately, the fruit may be easily incorporated into any meal, whether sweet or savoury. Avocado toast, for example, can be topped with sliced mango, or it can be mixed with yoghurt or overnight oats. Make a smoothie using mango, or use it in salsa, slaw, tacos, tuna or chicken salads, and garden salads. Mango curry can be served with rice. Mango is also a tasty and vibrant addition to desserts and snacks, such as chia pudding, coconut milk ice cream, and even mango margaritas!

Top 3 varieties of Mangoes

They're big and juicy, and they're sold all around Kerala. The fruit's likeness to a bird's beak gives it its name. The ripe fruit is so tasty and is rich in vitamins and other nutrients. They are also used to make curries and pickles. It has a greenish-yellow colour.

As the name implies, the mangoes imitated the appearance of a lady wearing a sindoor on their brow. Mangoes have a vivid red colour on top and a yellow colour at the bottom. They are very sweet and tasty.

Bhangarapally comes from Andhra Pradesh and is recognised for its distinct sweet and creamy flavour. They have a maize-yellow colour and are moderately juicy and flavorful. Bhangarapally mangoes have a distinct and appealing shape, and they have a longer shelf life than other mango kinds. They are delicious, thin-skinned, fibrous-free, and delicious.

Mangos are the most popular fruit in many regions, with many people eating them every day. Mangos are available throughout the summer season and provide a rush of tropical taste. The Organic Planters provide you with high-quality, juicy, and delicious mango variants. We grow mangoes using traditional methods and organic manure. Mangoes will be removed from trees and packed with hay for the ripening process after we get the order. Farmers pack it themselves, avoiding chemical processing and middlemen meddling. To shop click www.organicplanters.in/product/fruits