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Frequently Asked Questions

All our products are chemical and pesticide-free. All of them are made from pesticide free products.

Pesticide free products foods are not just fresher, but they also taste better and are rich in nutrients.

Most of the products offered by Organic Planters are sourced from our own farms. We also source some products from other farmers who have adopted organic farming methods. These farmers are closely monitored and their farms are periodically tested. Only after that, we acquire the products so that we can be assured of the quality and then bring you the best and safest products.

You can choose from our wide range of organic products produced and marketed exclusively by Jaivam Life such as, Palm jaggery, Millets, Black Rice, Brown Rice, Rice flakes, Millet Flakes, Millet vermicelli, oil, honey, soap etc.

Please fill the registration form and get access to our online application. Alternatively, you can also save our contact number, so that you can receive messages regarding the offers etc. in your WhatsApp.

It would be possible only when organic farming becomes the norms for farming. The more the demand the more farmers will engage in this to meet the supply. This will happen once we bring the organic products in our day to day life and encourage others also for the same. However, this would take some time, but we expect this to happen soon!
The other way is to enroll for our special tailor made packages which are prepaid and become our privileged customer, which would further entitle you to a discount. Apart from this you can also have a hassle-free purchase without having to do any financial transactions.

In case you are not satisfied with the products you have the option of returning the item immediately. Please refer to our Return Policy for more details.

As the products are pesticide and chemical-free, they should be consumed within the optimum period before they turn bad or get rotten.

No, there isn’t. You can shop as per your requirement, however delivery charge would be applicable.

The products are organic and don't have long shelf life. Hence, the processing and infrastructure cost would be considerably higher than the products which are being preserved and have long shelf life due to excessive pesticide and harmful chemicals.
These have been directly acquired from the farmers and hence the entire benefit goes directly to the farmers rather than any middle men.
We believe in correcting our lifestyle by eating healthy and fresh products rather than ending up paying less for the regular groceries and more for correcting our health problems.
Our prices can’t be compared with the pesticide and harmful chemical induced products as both are very different in nature.