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Manure - An Overview

Manure is a form of organic fertilizer used in agriculture and is recognized as an excellent source of the plant nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Manure enhances soil fertility by introducing organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen, which are used by bacteria, fungi, and other soil species. Agricultural commodities used as a fertilizer source for pastureland, cropland, and hay production mainly contains animal manure.

We at Organic Planters, provide you organic manure which helps to improve the health of the plant by providing it all the important nutrients.

Cow Dung Manure

Cow dung manure which is 100% natural & organic is the best organic fertilizer for home plants and vegetable farming. This pure and organic fertilizer helps to improve the health of the plant by providing it all the important nutrients. It helps in boosting the growth of vegetables and fruits and keeps plants healthy and green. The satisfactory level of nutrients and fertile efficiency makes the cow dung manure a nutrient-rich fertilizer. The cow dung manure powder is extremely easy to mix with the soil and is ideal for gardens, planters, and for farms. The consistent powdered texture supports organic principles and enriches the soil. Nurture your plants and vegetable farming with organic Cow Dung Manure.

Goat Manure

Goat manure is virtually odorless. Goat manure fertilizer is beneficial for the soil and also helps gardeners to produce healthier plants and crop yields. This manure is well-balanced in the nutrients that plants need for optimal growth. Since urine gathers in goat droppings, the manure absorbs more nitrogen, making it more fertile.

Coco Peat Manure

The non-fibrous, spongy, light-weight material that keeps the coir fiber in coconut husk together is known as coco peat. It is 100% natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly coconut fiber. It can also hold water and release it slowly, allowing your plant to absorb it more effectively. It can be used as a direct growth medium or added to garden soil to improve water holding capacity and ventilation. Suitable for any planting purposes like indoor seed start, flowers, herbs, garden soil, houseplants, vegetables, etc. Soil replacement- Coco Peat used as topsoil or can be mixed with sand.

Mixed Manure

Mixed Manure is obtained from different animals and has different qualities. It can boost soil structure, allowing the soil to retain more nutrients and water, making it more fertile. Mixed manure also encourages soil microbial activity, which enhances plant nutrition by increasing the trace mineral supply in the soil. It also contains nitrogen and other nutrients that help in plant growth.

Potting Mix

Potting mix or miracle soil is 100% environment friendly and Ready to use multipurpose organic media to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables in a pot or other durable container. It has excellent water retention properties. Improves soil structure by creating air pores. Best suited for Indoor plants and AC rooms.